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7 Important Facts You Should Know About CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the easiest and, for some, most enjoyable ways to get the possible benefits of CBD. Before you start popping them into your mouth like candies, here are seven facts you should know about CBD gummies. 

1. What are CBD gummies?

These are CBD-enhanced sugary edibles. The basic components of a gummy are fruit flavoring/extract, water, and gelatin. CBD gummies may be simply regular gummies coated or dusted with CBD or hemp oil or powder; CBD-infused gummies, on the other hand, actually include CBD oil from hemp as one of the ingredients. 

2. What are the possible benefits of CBD gummies?

The potential benefits of CBD are still being evaluated by scientists, but as with any natural supplement or therapy, the effects of CBD gummies may be different for different people. Some of the supposed benefits claimed by countless individuals who have tried CBD gummies include:

  • They can be taken to help induce calm and relaxation, so they may be beneficial for individuals who are feeling anxious or are under stress.
  • Some studies have found that higher doses of CBD may have a sedating effect. CBD gummies, therefore, may be a potential sleep aid; they may help relieve insomnia and may improve quality of sleep. The probable sedative properties of CBD may be particularly helpful to individuals whose sleeping problems are influenced by anxiety, stress, or pain. 
  • Another popular use for CBD gummies is for possible pain relief. Aches associated with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, migraines, and sore muscles from exercise may be alleviated by good-quality CBD gummies. 

3. How do you determine the correct dosage to take? 

The appropriate dosage to get the desired effect will vary from person to person. Determining the correct dosage will depend on body weight and the specific condition that one seeks to address. Because CBD gummies have fixed dosages, it’s easier to follow proper dosing. Keep in mind, however, that not all CBD gummies contain the actual CBD concentration indicated on the product label. Gummies that are only coated with CBD will most likely deliver a lower amount of the compound than what is supposed to be present per gummy/serving. CBD-infused gummies, on the other hand, may have more accurate CBD amounts. 

While there are no established dosing guidelines, the general recommendations are lower CBD concentrations for mild issues and higher concentrations for severe ones. Simply follow the product’s dosage recommendations, but start with the lowest recommended dose for your weight and condition. Take a few days or weeks to gradually adjust your dosage until you get the desired result. On average, it may take two hours before you experience any effect; it could also “work” faster or more slowly depending on how fast your body metabolizes the gummies.

4. Why are the advantages of taking CBD gummies instead of other CBD products?

Firstly, gummies are more palatable, with their sweetness and the wide variety of flavors available. In comparison, CBD oil has a grassy or earthy flavor, which makes the oil less appealing to some people. Secondly, the texture is definitely better than that of CBD oil.

These sugary CBD edibles also offer a more convenient and discreet way of taking CBD. You can easily pack them into your bag and just pop them into your mouth like a snack or a treat. This may be important to some people who want to keep their CBD intake to themselves. CBD oil, on the other hand, requires a dropper and is more conspicuous when you have to take it with others around. CBD supplements are also discreet but don’t deliver the tastiness of gummies. 

With set dosages, you’ll have an easier time taking the appropriate dosage and making adjustments as necessary. 

Because gummies offer more flexibility in terms of formulation, there are also a wide range of variants to choose from — from different flavors to extra benefits from added vitamins or other nutrients. 

5. Is it important to choose CBD gummies that use hemp?

Yes. CBD is also present in marijuana, but keep in mind that marijuana products are not legal in all states and are heavily regulated. Hemp and all hemp-derived products, including CBD oil products, are legal in all states because hemp contains only less than 0.3% THC — the compound in marijuana that gets you high. 

For a better guarantee of quality, you should also opt for CBD gummies that use organic hemp farmed within the US. The benefits of organic products are well-established; hemp farms in the US are required to follow strict quality and safety guidelines, so you can be sure that the CBD oil derived from these farms are of good quality. 

6. What should you look for in good-quality CBD gummies?

In addition to making sure that the hemp source was organically and locally grown, there are other factors you should look for which will verify the quality of a CBD gummy product. 

Check the company’s website and look for the product’s certificate of authenticity (COA). Trustworthy manufacturers have their products tested by third-party labs to verify the contents and their respective amounts present. The quality testing will also detect the presence of chemical additives; chemicals from pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides; and other harmful substances. Needless to say, a good-quality CBD product should have none of these. The results of the third-party test will be detailed in the COA. 

You should also verify that the CBD gummies contain less than 0.3% THC. This should be clearly indicated on the product label and will also be shown on the COA. 

Look through the list of other ingredients used in the gummies. Generally speaking, the fewer ingredients are used, the better because there’s a lower probability of the other ingredients compromising the quality and effect of CBD. 

CBD-infused gummies are your best option, as these will deliver the most accurate and potent amounts of CBD compared to gummies that were only coated with CBD oil/powder. Make sure to find out that CBD oil was used as an actual ingredient and not just as an “add-on.” 

Of course, read customer reviews — both positive and negative. As much as possible, choose trusted retailers and manufacturers. 

7. Do CBD gummies have side effects?

Compared to CBD oil, which some stomachs may not take too well, CBD gummies may be easier on your constitution. But you should take note that the CBD oil present in the gummies does carry the risk of certain side effects, mostly involving gastrointestinal upsets, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea; other side effects may include dry mouth and fatigue. More often than not, CBD oil is well-tolerated by the body and CBD gummies maybe even more so.