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Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Dogs?

Because some of these conditions are also commonly experienced by man’s best friend, the medicinal potential of CBD for dogs has been gaining a lot of interest in recent years. Pet owners now often ask, “Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?”

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Dogs?

What do vets say about CBD oil for dogs?

Very little is currently known about exactly how cannabidiol, or CBD, works in dogs. The claims that CBD can ease anxiety and pain are mostly backed by anecdotal evidence. There is at least one study that has looked at how CBD affects dogs that suffer from seizures associated with epilepsy. Early findings have actually revealed that CBD may reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures, which is especially helpful to dogs who don’t respond well to anti-seizure medications, but this has yet to be proven.

There are veterinarians who are already giving their own dogs CBD to give them relief from anxiety or pain. Whether the CBD is only causing a sedative effect or is actually helping with the condition is still a question that is yet to be answered by science. There has been a consistent response to how dogs respond to CBD so far.

CBD is legal in all states, but the FDA has not approved its use in dogs and other animals (even humans) for medical purposes. This means that the manufacture and use of CBD products are also not regulated by the FDA, and there are no established guidelines on proper dosing. 

Veterinarians are not legally allowed to recommend or prescribe CBD, but in all places where CBD use by humans has been legalized, pet owners can buy CBD products on their own, whether for themselves or for their dogs. Pet owners will have to initiate a conversation with their veterinarian about CBD as an alternative remedy for certain ailments. Your vet can only discuss CBD as an option for your dog if you bring it up. 

If you’re interested in the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil for your dog, and especially if your best bud is not responding well to his usual medications, do not hesitate to ask your vet about CBD oil. 

The only exception is California, where veterinarians have been allowed by legislation to discuss cannabis with pet owners. 

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs - Final Thoughts

Vets may advise using a CBD product that is specially formulated for pets, but there isn't a unified stance throughout the industry; CBD formulated for humans typically has higher concentrations, and dogs and other animals often require lower concentrations. A pet-specific CBD oil may contain the appropriate concentration for your dog, but to be on the safe side always check with a professional.

Always follow the recommended dosage printed on the product label; or, again, ask your vet. The optimal dosage your pet needs to get the desired results will depend on a variety of factors, including your dog’s weight and the specific condition.

While there are few studies that provide scientific evidence that CBD oil works for dogs, the growing body of anecdotal evidence has consistently shown that it has amazing potential.