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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Pens

Vaping CBD has become extremely popular, especially among regular vapers. Vaping has proven quite effective in helping countless smokers finally kick their cigarette habit for good, and vaping CBD has provided an opportunity for vapers to use the habit for some potential health benefits. Even non-vapers may want to consider this alternative mode of using CBD, as the delivery method and onset of effects are probably the fastest among other methods. 

How is vaping CBD different from regular vaping? Do you have to use special CBD pens? Read on to learn more. 

everything you need to know about cbd pens

How does vaping CBD work?

Vaping CBD works the same way as regular vaping. It involves heating up the vape juice and turning it into vapor by using a portable vaporizer. The CBD vapor is then inhaled and because it goes directly into the lungs, the CBD enters the bloodstream more quickly, delivering immediate results. 

Vaping CBD, however, is not as simple as directly using CBD oil or mixing it into regular vape juice. The reasons are as follows:

  • CBD oil is not suitable for inhalation. Doing so can pose serious health risks. 
  • CBD oil is too thick to be heated into vapor. CBD oil has to be specially formulated with a food-grade thinner so it can be safely vaped. 
  • Mixing CBD oil with regular vape liquids may produce harmful chemicals. 

Clinical studies on CBD are still few and far between and have been mostly focused on CBD oil, capsules, or sublingual sprays; studies on traditional vaping are just as lacking, and those on vaping CBD oil are even more so. Because a lot remains unknown regarding the risks and safety of vaping CBD oil, it’s better not to experiment with it and to stick with properly formulated CBD vape juice.

The other component to safe CBD vaping are CBD vape pens. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about CBD pens. 

How do CBD pens work?

A CBD vape pen is a pen-shaped heating device, or vaporizer, that transforms CBD juice into vapor. The device has a built-in heating coil that is powered by batteries. There are two types of CBD pens: disposable and refillable. 

Disposable CBD Vape Pens 

These devices are most suitable for beginners, as they are easy to use and affordable. They are pre-loaded with CBD vape juice, which is good for a few hundred puffs before the juice is depleted, after which the CBD pen is thrown away. 

Some disposable CBD pens are draw-activated, which means they produce vapor when you puff on it; others involve pushing a button to produce vapor. 

Refillable CBD Pens

These devices use rechargeable batteries and have a built-in tank that is filled and refilled with juice. Others are designed to carry replaceable juice cartridges or pods. Some refillable vape pens offer advanced features, such as adjustable airflow and power output options. 

Refillable CBD pens often involve simple push-button mechanisms to operate and require some maintenance, such as cleaning or changing the coils.

everything you need to know about cbd pens

An important thing to remember when using a CBD pen with an adjustable power output is not to set it too high that you end up burning the CBD juice, instead of just vaporizing it. At certain high temperatures, CBD vape juice and even regular e-juices can become burnt and produce harmful combustion byproducts that you might end up inhaling. Make sure your temperature setting is below 400 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid this.  

If you’re already using a refillable vape pen, as much as possible, use different tanks or different pens for CBD vape juice and for your regular e-liquid.

Disposable vs Refillable CBD Pens



Disposable CBD Pens

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No maintenance required
  • Lightweight
  • Discreet 
  • Less cost-effective long term
  • Offer limited options
  • Non-adjustable power output and airflow
  • Can only produce light vapors

Refillable CBD Pens

  • Cost-effective long term
  • Efficient delivery method
  • Adjustable options for power output and airflow
  • Thicker vapor production
  • Higher initial investment
  • Requires a bit of learning to use and maintain
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Less discreet

Final Thoughts

When buying CBD vaping products, make sure you’re getting them from reliable sources. As both the vaping industry and the CBD industry lack rigorous quality control from the FDA, you have to be doubly careful about the products you buy.

With so many CBD pens and CBD vape liquids available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right products. It’s best to stick with well-known and well-vetted brands in the industry. At the same time, make sure you know how to properly vape CBD, especially when you’re using a CBD pen with advanced features. When it comes to the CBD juice, make sure the product has undergone third-party lab testing by looking for its certificate of analysis (COA) — which will show you the exact contents of the juice.

Keep in mind that vaping CBD provides a quicker onset of the desired effects. Because you feel the results quickly, you may find dosing easier; at the same time, this also means that the effects will wear off faster.